European YEP Insurance

A Rotary International compliant insurance package

Insurance Coverage and exclusions Overview

Summary of the CHUBB travel insurance

The following description is not the insurance policy, but just a brief summary of the insurance coverages and exclusions. It is necessary to fully analyse the general and specific conditions, as well as all other relevant documents with contractual and pre-contractual information before any decision to buy, underwrite, adhere to, accept, sign or conclude an insurance agreement.

Who can be insured ?

This YEP Insurance program will cover only be applicable to the following persons:

  • Dutch YEP Students (Dutch residents) studying anywhere in the world including the USA /Canada
  • YEP students from anywhere in the world studying and residing in the Netherlands

in order to follow a complete educational program or complete training at post-secondary level, which represents his/her principal activity, and is named in the list of insured persons received from the policyholder - the European Rotary District - via the intermediary.

In the limits of the General and Special Conditions, the purpose of this contract is to provide cover at the foreseen benefits for the insureds during their participation to an exchange program of the Policyholder - the European Rotary District - 

Type and duration of the insurance, offered coverage and main risks that are not covered


The offered product is a travel insurance, the duration will be equal to the travel period with a maximum of 12 months. Hereunder you will find an overview of the main characteristics of the insurance, the offered coverage, as well as the main risks that are not covered.


Worldwide coverage granted on a 24 hours /7days basis. War risk is covered except in the disturbed areas (countries or regions that are indicated in the Insurance certificate).


The main coverages of the travel insurance are:

MEDICAL EXPENSES ABROAD: the equivalent in Euro currency of USD 1,000,000  within the limits of the insured sum stipulated hereunder, the Insurer shall indemnify all medical expenses and emergency travel expenses which are reasonably and necessarily incurred as a direct result of an accident or illness, up to a maximum of 365 days calculated from the date of the accident or the diagnosis of the illness as long as the illness and/or injury as a result of an accident abroad. The Insurer shall indemnify the aforementioned costs after deducting social security interventions and benefits under insurance policies required by law and - in the case of outpatient care - after deducting the deductible stipulated hereunder.

BODILY INJURIES: ACCIDENTAL DEATH: the equivalent in Euro currency of USD 100,000  

If the Insured dies within a two-year period following the insured ACCIDENT as the direct and sole consequence of that Accident, the Insurer will pay the insured amount to the beneficiary.

ASSISTANCE CHUBB: The Insurer provides an emergency assistance service and direct payment when required.

Contact phone number is the following: +32 2 516 98 15. Always mention the product code 000 50 42 381first and the district Rotary Insurance policy number mentioned on your insurance policy BEBST..... At the first manifestation of a serious medical problem,you should contact CHUBB Assistance who in conjunction with the attending Local practitioner shall co-ordinate the most suitable and practical solution to the medical problem and/or repatriation arrangements Are covered under the assistance: the transportation to a hospital, repatriation to the residence, repatriation of mortal remains, funeral expenses, sending of emergency medical supplies (medicines and blood), early return (eg: in the event of the death of a relative during the stay of the Insured abroad), legal expenses abroad, travel and accommodation costs incurred by a relative to visit the Insured who is not allowed to be repatriated, rescue and salvage costs)

Overview of the insurance and Assistance services

Unless mentioned otherwise, the limits are applicable per insured person and per claim

Accidents and sickness the equivalent in Euro of 1,00,000 USD 

 Deductible fee for sickness


Cover of mental/nervous disorders


Cover after repatriation in the country of residence   3,720€
Advance of hospital expenses incurred abroad if required to Ace Assistance Case by case

Advance of one day hospital expenses incurred abroad if required to ACE assistance


Dental care (per tooth) only in emergency or accident

Deductible fee for dental care : 

 248€ per tooth and max.750€/claim

25€ per claim

Sending of a medical practitioner on site Free of charge

Transport or repatriation following a medical incident 


Transport, family reunion, trip interruption in case of mental/nervous disorders

  Actual costs



maximum up to an aggregate of 3.750€ 

Transport or evacuation following political crisis or natural disaster Actual costs 
Transport of a family member in case of hospitalization Actual costs
Extended stay of an injured or ill insured (max 10 days) 300 €/day
Return of other insured  Actual costs
Transport/repatriation of luggage Actual costs
Transport of the mortal remains Actual costs
Cost of coffin 3.000 €
Anticipated return following death or hospitalization of a relative Actual costs 
Search and rescue expenses  15.000€
Transmission of urgent messages  free of charge
Legal assistance abroad (advance lawyer fees)  3.000€
Advance bail bond abroad  30.000€
Loss or theft of identity papers or travel documents  free of charge
Sending of replacement luggage in case of loss or theft  free of charge
Loss or theft of credit cards or bank cards  free of charge
Sending of glasses, prostheses  free of charge
Sending of drugs  free of charge
Assistance with translator  free of charge
Advance of money  2,500€
Psychological assistance  free of charge
Strike of flight or train personnel, natural catastrophe, war or sabotage resulting in a delay exceeding 12hours:   
- either accommodation expenses (max 2 nights)  150 €/night
- or replacement car  maximum 300 €
 - Loss,theft or damage to luggage  4,340€ per trip
 - Single article limit (not applicable for laptops or mobiles)     620€
 - Deductible per loss (personal property)     124€
 - Lost,theft or damage to money (cash, credit card,ticket)  1,240€
   Deductible fee per bagage claim     124€
 - Luggage delay - 8 hours deductible     620€
 - Travel delay - 4 hours deductible     372€
 - Loss, theft of passport /identity card     868€
  - Loss of advance  6,200€
  - Hi-jack, detention   62€ /day max 20 days
  - Kidnapping   123,950€
  - Death the equivalent in Euro of 100,000 USD
  - Permanent disability the equivalent in Euro of 100,000 USD
  - Partial disability  max. the equivalent in Euro of 100,000 USD
 - Bodily injury   5,000,000€ 
 - Property damage  500,000 €
 - Legal defence  25.000 €
   Deductible fee per claim     125€

D. Exclusions

The Insurer shall not pay any indemnity if the loss was caused by or was directly or indirectly contributed to by:

  • Intoxication;
  • War in the country of residence or in one of the disturbed areas;
  • Performing professional sports;
  • Luggage lost after abandoning / forgetting it or by bad manipulation by the insured and/or beneficiary
  • Intentional acts by an INSURED PERSON, or a beneficiary.

New as from 1.1.2021:
Specific exclusions in case of an epidemic/pandemic (such as COVID-19).

Excluded are the costs resulting from a decision/organized by public authorities during a contamination/pandemic such as and not limited to:

  • Tests to check for the virus,
  • Quarantine measures, Confinement precautions, Vaccinations,
  • Costs that are refunded by local public instances. 



The insured may communicate with the Insurer and obtain documents and/or information in the language of the general terms and conditions. The insured can communicate with the Insurer via e-mail, post, fax and phone (see contact section below).


The Belgian law is applicable to pre-contractual and contractual relations. The Belgian courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute regarding the pre-contractual relations, the execution and/or interpretation of the insurance policy.


Every distance insurance contract with a duration of more than 1 month is concluded when acceptation of the Insured is received.

The Insured and the Insurer have a period of 14 days to cancel the adhesion to the insurance contract, without giving any reason and without any penalty. This period starts on the day of the conclusion of the adhesion to the insurance contract or the day on which the Insured receives the general terms and conditions and all other information on a durable receiver, in the event such is later.

The cancellation by the Insured has immediate effect on the date of the notification, the cancellation by the Insurer 8 days after the notification.

If the adhesion to the insurance contract is cancelled by the Insured or by the Insurer and the Insurer already started to execute the adhesion to the contract upon request of the Insured, the Insured needs to pay a pro rata premium in accordance with the coverage period. This is a compensation for the provided services.

With the exception of the compensation for the provided services, the Insurer refunds all the amounts that it received on the basis of adhesion to this contract. The insurer has a period of 30 calendar days to refund the amounts:

  • if the Insured cancels the adhesion to the insurance contract, as from the day the Insurer receives the notification of cancellation;
  • if the Insurer cancels the adhesion to the insurance contract, as from the day the Insurer sends the notification of the cancellation.


The insureds under this policy must be resident in The Netherland at the time of the insurance coverage.


This insurance does not apply to the extent that resolutions of the United Nations or the anti-terrorism, trade and economic sanctions, laws or regulations of the European Union, the member states of the European Union, or the United States of America prohibit the Company from providing insurance, including but not limited to the payment of claims or the provision of any other benefit


For concerns, information and questions regarding our products, your cover or our service you can contact your broker.

You can also contact the Insurer directly:

  • By phone: +32 2 516 98 15
  • By mail: Chubb: Terhulpensesteenweg 166, 1170 Brussel

The Insurer strives to treat the Insured in a courteous, fair and prompt manner.

If despite the efforts of the Insurer, the Insured is not satisfied, it can address a complaint:

  • By phone: +32 2 516 98 15
  • By mail: Chubb: Terhulpensesteenweg 166, 1170 Brussel

The Insurer requests the Insured to mention the policy number and/or claims file number and, if available, the name of the contact person with the Insurer.

Ombudsman for Insurances
If the Insurer cannot provide the Insured with a satisfactory solution and if the complaint of the Insured relates to the insurance agreement, the Insured can also address the Ombudsman for insurances at de Meeussquare 35, 1000 Brussels - TEL 02 547 5871 - FAX 02 547 5975 – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . –

Filing a complaint does not prejudice the possibility of the Insured to start legal proceedings.


Your personal data (hereinafter the "Data"), reported to the Insurer, will be processed in accordance with the Belgian Act on the protection of privacy. The Data will be processed for the purpose of management and optimal use of the services provided by the Insurer, including risk assessment, contract management, claims handling and crime prevention (such as fraud) as well as to allow the Insurer to fulfil its legal obligations. To achieve these objectives and for the purpose of good service, the Insurer may be required to transfer Data to other companies of the ACE Chubb group, to sub-contractors or to partners. These companies, subcontractors or partners may be located in countries outside the European Economic Area that do not necessarily offer the same level of protection as Belgium. The Insurer shall take precautionary measures to ensure the protection of Data as well as possible.

To the extent that the Insurer deals with sensitive data, they are only accessible, as far as necessary, to amongst others claims managers, risk analysts, underwriters and the legal department. You will find a complete list and, more generally, the complete Privacy policy of the Insurer on

According to the law, the data subject is entitled to access, amend or oppose (for a reasonable cause) to the processing of Data relating to him. To exercise these rights, he/she can contact the Insurer Chubb: 9-31 avenue des Nerviens, 1040 Etterbeek

In as far as necessary and in particular in respect of any sensitive data (like health-status), the Insured approves the processing and the transfer of the Data as described here above.

The Insured moreover gives approval for the medical advisor appointed by the Insurer to get medical information (including regarding cause of death) from the treating doctor(s), and also allows for a medical examination.

In case of emergency

Contact CHUBB Assistance

This multilingual call center is at your service 24h/24 to help you in case of emergency.

  • Hot line: +32 2 516 98 15
    (mention product code 0005042381)

Contact DAP Brussels

In case you need to file a claim or ask a non urgent question, please contact Fréderic Bekeart (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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